Our management team has been around for a while, accumulating know-how and know-who in the creative capitals around the world, able to source, match and manage specialized talent and products with client needs. We like what we do, we like who we know, and we know who does it best.

Core team

Proficient, experienced and competent, our job is to help you do yours as well as possible.

Our Production & Resources Manager Paola manages the whole project from start to finish. She’s a veteran of large-scale multi-lingual project management who’s worked for international agencies sourcing talent in different countries for over ten years. She knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently with the best in the business.

Georgina is our business development manager, who’s joined us after decades’ worth of experience leading teams to growth and success in multinational companies such as Oracle and ACI Worldwide. With a talent for cross-functional work, blending the best of sales, retail, media, and creatives, she’s focused on finding, nurturing, and delivering quality.

Our sound technologist Sergio is an accomplished musician and sound technician who specializes in voice and audio recording technology, up-to-date with the latest advances in IT and adept at finding the right voice to fit each need.

Jonathan is our resident Quality Assurance specialist, a QAer with a keen eye for detail and a natural aptitude for thoroughness when reviewing material, from business pitches to video scripts. As well as an academic background in English literature and teaching, he is a gifted pianist.

Our film director is Juan, a seasoned veteran from the advertising industry with extensive experience in the world of film festivals. He’s worked in production and editing, making video clips, commercials, shorts and feature films, and always up with the latest VR and 3D developments to produce work that redefines the art of attraction.